Kia Touch Up Paint Pen

Kia Touch Up Paint Pen

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Genuine Kia Touch Up paint pen. Half color and half clear coat.

To ensure you receive the correct color please supply the 2 digit color code with your order.

The color code can be found on the VIN Plate which is located on the inside of the drivers door or on the drivers door pillar (see picture to the left). Our system can only look up information for vehicles for the USA Market.

Touch up Paint

The Ultimate Paint Pen

Please take note: The paint contained in this pen is not a rust inhibitor. If metal is exposed, an attempt to remove the rust (if there is some) should be made BEFORE applying the touch up paint.

Step 1
Make sure the stone chip surface is clean and dry. Remove all residues (wax, rust, dirt, or other).

Step 2
Before each application, shake well until ball moves freely inside. Then remove air from pen: pointing it upward, push tip down using cap.

Step 3
On a piece of cardboard, tap the tip lightly and repeteadly until paint flows out. Remove excess paint by applying to cardboard.

Step 4
Lightly dab a small quantity of color to cover the bottom of the scratch or chipped area. DO NOT DRAG TIP OF PEN ACROSS AREA. More than one application might be necessary to cover the area. Wait 15 to 20 minutes between each application.

Step 5
Wait 1 to 2 hours before using the clearcoat side pf the paint pen, then repeat steps 2 and 3 to prepare the tip.

Step 6
Carefully apply the clearcoat, in a dabbing motion, on the scratched or chipped area, WITHOUT DRAGGING TIP OF PEN ACROSS THE AREA. Avoid scratching the touched up surface while applying the clearcoat. With peralized colors, additional applications of clear coat might be required to achieve exact match.

When touch up is complete wipe tips clean and replace caps.

If one of the tips dries up or seems blocked, remove from pen and dip in thinner, then put back in pen.

This high precision paint pen has a 2-year limited warranty.

Keep out of children's reach
DANGER: Flamable
Harmful if swallowed

Kia Touch Up Paint Pen
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Featured positive reviews:

Kia Touch Up Paint Pen
Alien II
Never have i had a company ship something so quick, and so inexpensively, i was floored. My car got hit on my street, there was no body damage but it took paint off and i was afraid it would rust. I have a high deductable so i wasnt in the position to put it through my insurance. Decided it wasnt worth the headache. Followed the directions, paint color matches well....its not perfect of course, but i have plans of painting her a different color thanks, thanksmfor great customer service, and a great easy product to use.....tons left in the pen ill save it for dings.

Featured negative reviews:

Kia Touch Up Paint Pen
Snow White Pearl Didn't Work
I bought a touch up pen to fix a small chip on my lower bumper. The directions said I might have to apply more than 1 layer of paint to achieve full coverage. I must have did 8 or 9 layers and it still didn't cover. It made more of a mess than anything. I never was able to apply the clear coat because the base coat didn't cover the chip. Since the chip is in an inconspicuous area, I've decided not to mess with it any more. The paint that I applied should prevent rust or something I guess. I would not recommend this product.

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