2011-16 Kia Sportage Cargo Tray

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Molded from flexible, skid-resistant rubber, these durable Cargo Trays help prevent cargo from moving about as you drive, protecting against spills, dirt, grease and grime. These trays have a raised outer lip to retain fluids, resistant to most automotive chemicals. They are custom molded to fit the exact contours of the cargo space, yet remove and install in seconds for easy cleaning.

  • Only available in black.

2011-16 Kia Sportage Cargo Tray
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Featured positive reviews:

2011-16 Kia Sportage Cargo Tray
Kia Sportage Cargo Tray
If you do any hauling this is a must have. The tray provides protection from dirt and spills. It keeps the mess within the tray for easy clean up. Priced right and worth every $$.

Featured negative reviews:

2011-16 Kia Sportage Cargo Tray
I would describe this more as "plastic" then rubber- and it was shipped rolled up in a box. The edges that are supposed to be somewhat of a "lip" have creases in them and don't look great. If it hadn't been for the fact that it's the middle of a harsh Michigan winter, and I have shovels and brushes in the back, I would have returned it. I had one in my previous Kia so I know what they are supposed to look like, and this was a disappointment.

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