Kia Sorento Interior Lighting

2011-15 Kia Sorento Interior Lighting Kit

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This fully integrated lighting system allows you to control a set of colored lights within the vehicle. Lights are installed in the cup holders, forward tray, foot well, and rear floor area. This system integrates with the driver and passenger front doors which emits a soft light when opened.

2011-15 Kia Sorento Interior Lighting Kit
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2011-15 Kia Sorento Interior Lighting Kit
Wow ok was not expecting that
When bought my Sorento it had this kit in it so I thought ok what's the big deal it probably in every one of these things I hadn't ever been in another one before and still haven't. So I'm on here looking for another key for my Sorento and look what I found the light kit that is in my car. I was just showing my 18 year old son how it works and cool it is and explaining that at Christmas it's great because you can have the inside of the car red or green and feel festive. He likes the blue of course which is fine for the rest of the year. It is a great addition. I'm happy it came with the car when I got it.

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