Kia Niro Hood Applique

Kia Niro Clear Hood Protector

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This clear film is a nearly invisible, "always-on" alternative to bulky vinyl front-end protectors. You have to be close to the vehicle, and look hard, to spot this film. This film offers protection from stone chips, insects, small scratches, and the wear-and-tear sand-blasting effect from years of driving. The film is semi-permanently installed, similarly to window tint. Requires no special maintenance and you can wax it along with the rest of your car.

  • Self adhesive clear vinyl.
  • Comes with detailed instructions.
  • Soul picture shown for reference only.

Kia Niro Clear Hood Protector
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Kia Niro Clear Hood Protector
Perfect FIt for 2019 Niro
This hood protector is a perfect fit for my 2019 Niro and was very easy to install - just follow the directions!

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