Kia iPod Cable 2009+ Models (NON-UVO& NON-iPhone5 OR NEWER)

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More Details - Kia iPod Cable 2009+ Models (NON-UVO& NON-iPhone5 OR NEWER)

For non-UVO audio systems. Take your music collection on the road. This iPod control cable gives you convenient control and charging of your iPod from your factory installed stereo. The simple one cable connection eliminates the bulky adapter box found with many iPod adapters. This cable is 12” long and features a 30-pin iPod plug on one end and a 3.5mm/USB on the other.

Works with the following iPod models:
  • It is compatible with late model iPod products produced Irons mid-2004 on (4th Generations iPods, all Nanos, etc)
  • This would include most iPod devices with the smooth front "Click Wheel"
  • Operates with all Videos, Nanos, Color displays, Photos, iPod Touch
  • Does not support Shuffles or the early Touch Wheel and Scroll Wheel models
  • Early model functionality may be limited, while later advanced models may provide more options,
  • Testing with the new Apple iPhone is not completed. Appropriate information will be distributed as available.

  • The iPod cable is a 12 inch long black wire with unique connectors on each end.
  • One end has a thin, wide 30-pin iPod connector, protected by a clear plastic cover when not in use.
  • The other end contains internal logic controller and two connectors; a conventional USB type and a standard stereo 3.5mm mini-plug.
  • The wide connector goes in the base of the iPod and the double-connector plugs firmly into the floor of the center armrest console.
  • The iPod unit will boot up when the key is turned on and will take a few moments to activate. At that time, a Kia logo or an iPod symbol will appear on the screen.
  • All controls may then be operated through the audio head unit. The iPod can be stowed in the console and “forgotten” about until leaving the vehicle.
  • The music description from the iPod is shown on the multi-display panel of the audio of factory navigation system as applicable (Note: videos will not be displayed.
  • The iPod cable charges the iPod’s battery when the vehicles key is on. The iPod may not turn off with the key, so confirm the iPod is off to avoid battery drain on the iPod.
  • Each combination of Kia model, iPod model and iPod generation have unique functionality. Please refer to your Kia owner’s manual for more details.
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    Kia iPod Cable 2009+ Models (NON-UVO& NON-iPhone5 OR NEWER)
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    Kia iPod Cable 2009+ Models (NON-UVO& NON-iPhone5 OR NEWER)
    iPod cable
    I love my new cable. The radio stations around here are not very good, so it is nice to be able to play the music I want without lugging CDs around. The Kia dealership was very efficient and he product arrived when it said that it would. My only negative is that the shipping was so expensive (half of the price of the cable).

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    Kia iPod Cable 2009+ Models (NON-UVO& NON-iPhone5 OR NEWER)
    Not pleased
    Not pleased. I purchased this for my iPhone 5 and the cable is for an iPhone 4.

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